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Mindstream is a center of integrative therapies in NYC which fosters the convergence of scientific and contemplative methods of therapy to empower people and the actualization of their innate potential within.

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Workspace and collective for leading wellness practitioners at the convergence of science and contemplative tradition. Whether you need a dedicated or a flex membership we have an option with you in mind.

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"I believe that the therapeutic relationship and intersubjective process is often central to the working through concerns that bring people into therapy, and therefore tend to be active and interpersonally engaged in therapy."
Emily Wolf
PhD, Psychotherapist
"Finding and manifesting our purpose is why we are here. Better get on it."
Miles Neale
PsyD, Buddhist Psychotherapist
“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” -Rumi
Pooja Amy Shah
MD, Integrative Medicine

Frontier Of A Healthcare Renaissance

A network of integrative healing practitioners at the
convergence of scientific and contemplative traditions.


The Group Studio

A space for the community. From professional education for practitioners to inspirational talks for all.

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