Grow with the flow

Empowering conscious evolution.

Convergence Of Streams

We are at the dawn of a renaissance in healthcare. In our increasingly global community, our model of the human mindbody system is now being informed by two major streams of influence from multiple cultures and eras; The modern scientific worldview born in the 18th century and the contemplative arts rooted in antiquity.

We welcome the exploration of their diverging as well as complimentary points of view to refine our understanding and educated integration.

Mutually Human

One of the most fundamental values of contemplative healing is that practitioners “practice what they preach."  Our connection with clients resulting from practitioners own contemplative practice has been demonstrated to have the most positive measurable impact on therapeutic outcomes.

Deep mutual healing occurs when practitioners co-evolve with their clients.  Acknowledging ourselves as human and continuing to work on our own growth allows us to become the most capable guide for our clients, as well as gives us the fuel to empower clients' agency of healing naturally within each of us.


It is our privilege to be able to serve people in their hero's journey.

Emily J. Wolf
Pooja Amy Shah
Naz Shuva