Kathryn Fink

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Coaching for purpose-driven vocation and personal wellness

Meditation, visualization, and ritual

Sustainable business for spiritual entrepreneurs

Inner healing and alignment as a foundation for leadership


Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

Meditation teacher certification, Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science

10+ years senior leadership in community-building, marketing, and team management at global web companies Etsy and Meetup

1:1 or group study with Miles Neale, Geshe Tenzin Zopa, Scott Tusa, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Lindsay Mack, Langston Kahn, Gordon White, Deborah Bagg

Pilgrimages to Nepal and Britain

20+ years in deep relationship with ritual, magick, and esoteric study

"Fulfill your purpose and reach the people you're meant to serve—we need you."

What are your professional values?

Our core values help us to bring intentionality to pivotal decisions, skillfully resolve challenges, set bold visions for the future, and fully own our potential as a leader in our community. When we regularly orient towards our values, we lay the foundation for enduring wellbeing, growth, and impact. The values I strive towards in both my personal and professional life include authenticity, a commitment to interconnectedness, and sustainability. Authenticity because it pushes us towards understanding and expressing our deepest truths—possibly the scariest and most rewarding journey we’ll undergo in our time on this planet. Commitment to interconnectedness because our sense of purpose stems from joyfully sharing our personal medicine for the benefit of others, and being nourished in turn by relationships within our communities. Sustainability because we have the greatest positive impact in the world when we view our efforts as the work of a lifetime, and therefore extend compassion and care towards ourselves and others.

What does a session look like with you?

I work with clients who want to cultivate sustainable growth in personal and vocational wellness. We hone in on the goals that best honor your sense of purpose and impact in your community, and then explore both the inner and outer shifts needed to manifest those goals. The coaching relationship I co-create with clients is a combination of the spiritual and pragmatic. A session might include meditation, shadow work, visualization, or deep dives into mindset as often as business strategy, authentic leadership, or sacred decision making. While I lead every client through a comprehensive curriculum that draws on what has proven transformational in my own life, you and your needs will always determine the primary trajectory of our work together.

What kinds of qualities do your clients have that thrive in your practice? (meaning, will your approach help me?)

A coaching relationship with me is ideal if you... ... nurture or want to nurture your community as a healing practitioner, spiritual visionary, conscious entrepreneur, wellness professional, or community activist. ... are ready to deepen or reconnect to your truest purpose—one that honors your gifts, your core values, and the impact you have on those around you. ... prefer sustainable, holistic growth over one-off, quick fixes. ... are self-motivated—while I often share powerful tools and frameworks, you hold the power to change through your commitment and your actions. ... believe that you can achieve your greatest impact and wellbeing when inner work meets outward change.


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