Millie Lee


Integrative Cardiology

Functional Medicine

Yoga Therapy



RYT 200

20 years in practice

What was your journey in integrative therapies?

I started my medical journey in a traditional Western medical school setting. I was trained in internal medicine, general cardiology, and interventional cardiology. I was trained and excelled in treating acute cardiac conditions. However, I quickly realized that heart disease is a chronic disease and moreover a preventable disease for which I was not adequately prepared. Through my personal pursuit of yoga, I realized that wellness was dependent on a mind-body-spirit approach. I no longer work in a traditional Cardiology practice, putting numerous stents in patients, that without lifestyle changes, return time and time again with recurrent symptoms. My intention has shifted to managing heart disease with a mind-body-spirit approach. I have also pursued the study of functional medicine whose tenet is to identify the root cause of illness, which is often based on some lifestyle factor.

What does integrative mean to you?

Integrative Cardiology means integrating evidence-based healing modalities on an individual basis to develop personalized health care. Examples of healing modalities in my practice include traditional evidence-based Cardiology guidelines, Functional Medicine tools, Yoga therapy, nutritional counseling, and stress management.

What are your professional values?

I value a therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient, compassion and empathy.


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