Pooja Amy Shah

MD, Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine 

Medical Acupuncture 

Mind-Body Medicine (including contemplative practices)

Plant Medicine (Herbs/Botanicals) & Supplements

Food as Medicine


Dual Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and Family Medicine

Columbia University Assistant Professor and teaching faculty

Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science teaching faculty

Harvard University Medical Acupuncture Program, Advanced Studies, Teaching Assistant, 2013 - 2018

Certificate in Contemplative Psychotherapy, Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, 2016-2018

Harvard University Benson-Henry Institute of Mind-Body Medicine, Clinical Training in Mind-Body Medicine, 2008, 2015, forthcoming 2019 

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” -Rumi

What was your journey in integrative therapies?

Steeped in the traditions of the East since I was born, integrative ways of thinking about health are a part of my DNA. I have practiced the paths of yoga and meditation since college and have witnessed its gradual but steady and lasting impact on my whole health - body, mind, and spirit. During medical school, when I saw firsthand the many shortcomings of Western allopathic care for the prevention and treatment of chronic medical conditions and pain, I knew I would become a physician who practices in a way that remedies this issue. Over the past decade, I have cultivated the facets of my integrative medical practice, including medical acupuncture, mind-body medicine, plant medicine and food as medicine in addition to the Western medical basics of outpatient primary care and inpatient hospital medicine.

What problems in healthcare and therapy is your approach/work solving?

We exist in a time when the human body has been fragmented into smaller and smaller components. I believe the basis of all good medicine should be holistic because who we are as humans is much more than the sum of our body parts. Our bodies are as much a part of illness as our minds, and vice versa. My work is bridging these divides, back to a place of grounded wholeness, true health, and sustainable wellness.

What does a session look like with you?

Each of my appointments begins with deep and empathic listening of your medical and bio-psycho-social histories. As I once learned from a mentor at Harvard’s Benson-Henry Institute of Mind-Body Medicine, to truly hear a patient and understand what ails them, I must listen with “every cell of my body.” After we converse thoroughly, I will examine you as any Western medical physician would. I then examine you from the perspective of Japanese acupuncture, which takes into account the body’s points of myofascial tension and energetics. Every session ends with a course of medical acupuncture, unless you opt out.


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